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Veterinary Pain Management in the Northeast Kingdom

We take pain management for your pet very seriously and continually seek new and better tools that allow us to provide veterinary treatments that involve less pain for your pet.

    Pet Pain Management

    Like us, our pets experience different types of pain. It can come on acutely with intense exercise or everyday play, or it can be a chronic condition that is associated with old injuries or the body aging. Whether acute or chronic, control of that pain is of utmost importance to the quality of life or our pets and their success in healing.

    Pain control prior to, during and following a surgical or dental procedure is as important as the procedure itself to the health and wellbeing of the patient.

    When pursuing pain management for our pets, finding and diagnosing the cause or underlying reason is the first important step in treatment. Next, our veterinary team will establish an individual pain management plan that is tailored to your pet to correct the problem and provide comfort for healing.

    A multi-modal approach to pain control is best, and we will look to help you bet with medication, diet and nutritional changes, use of our in-house therapeutic laser, and physical therapy recommendations.

    If pain is a concern for your special one, we want to help!